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 E-Mail Guardian 
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E-Mail Guardian
Guarding Your E-mail in Ways You Control™*
  E-mail Input  
 E-Mail Guardian 
 Scan for Password & Accept or Reject 
 E-Mail Guardian 
The only e-mail that is accepted is the one that you personally permit!
You send an e-mail to Alice
with her password = #>
#>  Internet >>> (spam) >>>
E-Mail Guardian
#>   Alice
 You   <#
E-Mail Guardian
<<< (spam) <<<  Internet  <#
<# = Alice sends an e-mail
to you with your password

E-Mail Guardian™ works separate from your e-mail address to block spam.
Use it with any e-mail program we support.

While we are developing this product it is available for licensing only.
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  E-mail Guardian™ does not generate popups or popunders, host advertising or originate email.   |   *The best we can provide them™  
. E-mail Guardian™ is Patent Pending . Copyright © 2004-2007 RSMC   All Rights Reserved .
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